Pension Services

Are you looking for space to house your pigeons for a short or longer time? Then you have come to the right place!

Whether just 1 pigeon or many more you can house them in our accommodations for a predetermined period of time.

Do you need to accommodate a larger number of pigeons? No problem! We can give you a quote, the amount will depend on, the period of time and any other services required while they are here, such as: photographer, pick up/delivery from or to different customers etc.

The pigeons will stay in one or more of our lofts and will be cared for by our expert staff. They will have fresh feed, water and grit daily and 1 or 2 times per week they will have an opportunity to bathe. The price of our service will depend on the number of pigeons and the length of time they stay with us and any other services you may require.

The pigeons must be vaccinated against Paramyxo, if they are not, then we can arrange to have our veterinarian inject them at our location.

We can also arrange to have your pigeons photographed, relieving you of the extra worries. A visit by a potential buyer will be no problem, a visit either by you or a buyer is just a simple matter of making an appointment with us. Any other wishes or requirements on your part? Don’t hesitate to ask and we can discuss the options.

We cater to several reputable auction houses requiring extra accommodations.

A number of auction houses already make use of our facilities. In addition to the standard care, we also organize for them, photography, inspection reports, administration, visits from and receiving buyers. And naturally we can arrange for pickup/delivery to or from the seller/purchaser.

Please feel free to contact up for more information or a quote.