About us

You need a Pigeon Courier and have landed on our site. You want your pigeon quickly and safely in your possession. What if your pigeon didn’t make it back from a race or you have purchased a pigeon from an online auction: how do you get It home?

Then you have come to the right place — Duivendirect.nl — The specialized pigeon courier.

We will transport your pigeons, safely and quickly, throughout all the Netherlands and Belgium. For transport to other countries such as, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway and Denmark, we work with renowned pigeon couriers, from those regions.

A whole team of people is on hand to provide you with the best possible service. If your pigeon can not be delivered the day of pickup/collection, we will keep your pigeon separate on site, with supervision, in a disinfected cage and provide it with fresh water and feed. You can be assured, just as our customers would surely demand, that we offer the best possible care for your pigeon/s.

Communication is our priority, as a Duivendirect customer you will know exactly where you stand because from the time of contracting us to the time of delivery we will provide feedback.

A satisfied customer and a happy pigeon! That is our goal!

And do you need some temporary space for your pigeons or for a longer period? Then you have come to the right place! Whether just1pigeon or many more you can house them in our accommodations for a predetermined period of time. Do you need accommodation for a large number of pigeons? No problem! We can give you a quote, the amount of which will depend on, the number of pigeons, the length of time and any other services required while they are here, such as: photography, pick up from different customers etc.

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In 2016 Duivendirect also began providing quarantine services for the USA and Canada. Under the supervision of the NVWA and our veterinarian, your pigeons will be cared for in separate accommodations for 30 days and then shipped by air transport to the lofts of Oscar de Vries in Canada, where they will be held for a further 45 days of quarantine under the supervision of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and a local veterinarian. For more information on booking a quarantine please click HERE.


Team Duivendirect