DD’s next level!


My company Duivendirect was born April 1, 2011.

Initially we only transported pigeons within the Netherlands, later we expanded to various countries outside of the Netherlands. The company grew rapidly by generating confidence within the pigeon-loving Netherlands and far beyond.

From all parts of the globe, customers knew where to find and contact Duivendirect and thus the quarantine business was born and has subsequently now grown into the main activity of Duivendirect. 

In addition, Duivendirect provides for clients at home and abroad the boarding of pigeons, and the behind-the-scenes paper-office work requirements of various auction sites for users thereof, not to mention the various One Loft Races for which we provide the transport of pigeons and/or are agents for. 

“Duivendirect will be focusing completely on quarantine, boarding and the office-paperwork required for these. ”

As a company grows, sometimes choices, must be made. With growth new opportunities come along for the entrepreneur.

Duivendirect has chosen to specialize in quarantine, the boarding of pigeons, One Loft Races and providing the office-paper work needed for each facet of our evolving  business. The transport branch of our business will end January 1, 2022.

For more than 10 years we have transported your pigeons in a professional manner. We have been at your service with care and devotion. We are grateful for the trust our many customers have given us, because ultimately your trust has made our company grow into a household name in the international pigeon world.


Innovate, Specialize and Professionalize! That’s how we at Duivendirect can serve you our customers even better, by providing the services that you would rather not have to do yourself. Leave it in our hands, so you can focus on your interests. 
That’s the next step in our services for Quarantines, One Loft Races, Boarding and paper-office work.

“Of Course, There Will Always Be Transport”

The transport of your pigeons, to and from One Loft Race, our quartantines and pension etc. will always remain an important service. We certainly will not disappear from the radar! On the contrary! We would like to remain at your service.

And I Will Not Disappear from The Radar Either…

As an agent of/for the One Loft Races, we will remain in contact, I will still participate in the Expo’s, take care of your paper-office work, and I will make sure that your pigeon is picked up before quarantine, and the transport  or your pigeons to come to board with me, while you go on a world trip, or maybe more services as they present themselves.

With kind regards and a big Thank You

Esther Noorderijk