Registration Prizes and Fee

  • The registration fee is USD 550 per pigeon.
  • The participant shall pay registration fee of USD 550 on a collecting date to the organizer; whereby such payment shall be made per 1 Team name. For example, TEAM DAY, there are 12 pigeons. This team should pay USD550. As wel! as TEAM NIGHT, there are 60pigeons. This team should pay USD550 also.
  • In the event of dead pigeon after sent to the organizer. The organizer will inform the participant of such incident; whereby the participant may replace the pigeonwith a new one in acceptance period. (Between 1st March to 31st July 2021). The organizer will not be responsible for the illness, death, or loss of pigeons in any cases.
  • In case of participant who has no pigeon left for basketing in the qualifying course 120 km. The registration fee of USD 550 per team will be refunded.
  • Upon completion of the qualifying course120 km, the participant shall pay for the registration tees according to the nurnber of retumed pigeons, less the first pigeon registration fee tha t had already been paid at the beginning. This registration fee will activate qualified pigeons for 3 subsequent races. For example, sent in 12 pigeons, there are 10 pigeons returned in the qualifying course 120 km, so participant shall pay remaining 9 pigeons.
  • Freight and shipping expenses will be paid to the pigeon collector by the participant.
  • Only US dollar (USD) and Thai baht (THB) are acceptable for the payment. Any outstanding balance must be made in the same currency that was previously paid.
  • 8. Prize money will be paid in the same currency as registration fee, after withholding tax deductionof prize money in accordance to the taxation law in Thailand.
  • The participant may request for the collection of prize money at the auction date by submitting the registration form as proof of participatio
  • For your convenience of receiving prize money from the race organizer, we require valid banking details on the registration date. Information such as SWIFT code, Account name, Accountnumber, Bankname and address must be provided.